What would Bob Marley say about “Taking Chances”?

And you blame me for being scared?

If I fall down this cliff, it’s just me doing the fallin’, with no warranties whatsoever about you being down there, in the piedmont.

And then, who’s gonna help me get back up? In the end, it’s just me, my arms, my legs, and my will to run again.

And I know you care, but do you care that much as to help a wounded man back on his knees? Do you care that much as to help this cripple back on his feet?

You know I’m dying to take this leap of faith, but just can’t do it for you. Gotta do it for me. Because if I die in this feat, then my soul would want you to take the blame. If I do it just because I want, I’ve got no one else to blame, just me, and my stubbornness.

Forgive me darling, oh my sweet darling, but I must leave you standing right here. I gotta go, and I will be gone for a while, but you won’t be alone.

Be happy, and pray for me. Pray for Jah to shine on my way.”